Jesus will never be too late

And in the fourth watch of the night He came to them Matthew xiv, 25.

Why should twelve men – many of them seasoned fishermen – be afraid of sailing across a lake that’s just 12 km wide at it’s widest part? If it’s the “Sea” of Galilee, they should be afraid because this tiny sea, which is in fact the lowest fresh water lake in the world, witnesses quite a few bad storms.

When Jesus sent his Twelve in a boat to Gennesaret after a busy day, the disciples were probably looking forward to having a great time of relaxation. The wind was however contrary. The boat was battered by waves for several hours in the night. They were rocked and tossed by waves from every side. It wasn’t like a scary roller coaster ride that people enjoy these days because they know for sure that they are safe. The disciples were in real danger. In that long, dark night, these valiant men feared for their lives. They tried their best to stay afloat. How intensely they must have longed for the presence of Jesus! If He had been with them, He would have stilled the storm. He had done that once before.

Little did they know that their Master was interceding for them all night. He had not abandoned them. Although he was physically away from His disciples, His eyes were constantly on them. He decided to wait till the last watch of the night when there remained just an hour or two for day break. Then, after having tested His men thoroughly, Jesus decided to join them. He wasn’t too late. He was on time. He chose to walk on the billowing waves – the very waves that threatened to bury them alive.

If you are going through a stormy phase of your life, and if you feel that God has abandoned you, take courage. God’s attention is on you like never before. He hasn’t abandoned you. He chooses to intervene at the right time for His own glory. He’ll never be too late. He will demonstrate His power over the very troubles that seek to devour you. And when you see Him in His glory, like Peter, you will dare to walk on those waves in Jesus’ Name. Never give up! Jesus is on His way to rescue and restore you!