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John’s Gospel: A Unique Witness

Compared to the three Synoptic Gospels, John’s Gospel has several distinctive features. John’s Gospel starts with a bang. He is forthright about his intention to present Jesus Christ as Messiah and God. He goes about that task right from the very first verse. John included several signs that the Synoptic Gospels omitted. He also included several instances of Jesus ministering to individuals. And finally, there are far more confessions of faith in John’s gospel.

The Hour Of Glory

Although all four accounts of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry are similar enough to be called “Gospels,” the first three – Matthew, Mark and Luke – are known as Synoptic Gospels. The term synoptic indicates a similarity in perspective. John’s perspective, however, is unique in more than one way. John is different from the Synoptic Gospels in the way it introduces the theme of the Cross.

The Key To John’s Gospel

The first eighteen verses of John’s Gospel serve as a prologue to the book. It offers us a preview of the Gospel. In other words, discovering the theme of the prologue will lead us to the theme of the whole book. An examination of key terms and the structure of the prologue will reveal its theme. Check out the reverse symmetry in the prologue. It reveals the central themes of this Gospel.