All my Fountains are in Thee!

“All my fountains are in Thee!” – Psalm 87:7

The sons of Korah, who were reputed singers and poets in ancient Israel, were careful to acknowledge God as the Source of all their inspiration and talent.  “The singers as well as those who play the instruments say, ‘All my springs (or fountains) are in You.'”

Those engaged in any form of creative activity admit that there are times when they experience a free flow of creativity. At other times they face a breakdown which is known by various names such as the ‘writer’s block,’ a ‘mental block,’ or an ’emotional barrier.’ Speakers run out of ideas. Preachers exhaust all their sermon resources. Prophets feel that the heavens have suddenly become opaque. Composers may lack the inspiration to come up with something original. Scientists, investigators, teachers, governors, judges and even farmers run into dry spells that confound them.

The sons of Korah found the secret of unending inspiration. They discovered in Yahweh an inexhaustible treasure house of energy, inspiration and vitality in the context of worship. They loved spending time in God’s presence and rejoiced in God’s holy city. The more they adored the Creator, the more they were charged with supernatural creativity which they employed in God’s service. Their music and dance were devoted to the King of kings. Gratefully they sang, “My fountains are in you!”

Whatever be our occupation, we too can plug-in to God’s immeasurable wisdom and power if we devote our endeavors to God’s glory and praise. The secret of success does not lie within us. It’s in surrendering ourselves before God and acknowledging Him as the ultimate Source of all that we’ll ever need. Then we too can sing, “My fountains are in you!”

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