God remembers your sacrifices

God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name.” Hebrews vi.10.

It is natural for Christians to wonder at times whether all their hard work and sacrifice for the sake of God’s Kingdom were in vain. When we are tired, expended, unappreciated and sidelined, we may not be able to see things in God’s perspective. The apparent darkness around us might blind us to the significance God has attached to our lives and ministry.

The Hebrew Christians, to whom the epistle of Hebrews was written, had a long track record of ministering sacrificially to the needs of the saints (xi.10). They visited Christians who were in prison; they suffered ignominies and atrocities at the hands of the enemies of the gospel who plundered their possessions (x.34).

Yet, they became so weary of their spiritual life. They allowed themselves to be weighed down by sin (xii.1). Although they were on life’s race course, their hands hung down and their knees were feeble (xii.12) They had given up their struggle against sin (xii.4).  They were on the verge of falling away from Christ even though they had received rich blessings from God (xi.4-8). Some of them were even neglecting their regular fellowship meetings (x.25).

While attempting to revive this tired church, the writer of the epistle tried to remind them of God’s faithfulness. “God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name.” God was keeping track of all their sacrifices! It wasn’t just God; a whole host of heavenly witnesses were waiting to see them finish their race well (xii.1).

We grow tired and weary when we think that all our efforts are going unnoticed by people and even by God.   People may or may not pay attention to our toil, let alone appreciate us for it. God remembers everything! The realization that God is indeed watching all our hard work and sacrifice is quite refreshing and liberating. Instead of waiting for recognition from people around us, we can now do everything for “the Audience of One” – the One who watches over us and keeps a record of everything that matters. He will never let us down. For whatever we do for God in secret, He will reward us openly.