YAH, our God, is our Salvation!

“Blessed be the Lord day after day, he carries us along, God our Saviour. This God of ours is a God who saves; from Lord Yahweh comes escape from death” Psalm LXVIII:19-20 (NJB)

The God of Israel is a God who saves His people. He swings into action in order to deliver His chosen ones from their enemies even from death. There is no power in the universe that can resist or escape Yahweh, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, as He stretches His arm to save.

Psalm 68, a psalm of King David, begins with this prayer: “Let God arise, let his enemies scatter, let his opponents flee before him.” God indeed has enemies. Yet, He also has a group of upright people (v 3) who call upon His name for deliverance from the enemies of God. David’s psalm reminds us of Moses’ ancient prayer. Each time prophet Moses and Israel broke camp to resume their journey to the Promised Land, he prayed, “Rise, Yahweh, may your enemies be scattered and those who hate you flee at your approach!” (Numbers x:35).  Although the Almighty doesn’t recline or rise in a physical sense, this is a cry for God’s help in frail human language.

Yahweh who “comes” to the rescue of His people is also the One who offers his continual Presence among His children – in His sanctuary (v 17); among His people (v 18); in the congregations of His people (v 26); and in His Temple (v 29). This mighty warrior God who dispels his enemies like smoke (v 2), cares for the orphans, widows and the destitute (v 5, 6). He “leads out prisoners out into prosperity” (v 6). And even if He has to “smash the head of his enemies,” (v 21), he will deliver his beloved from death (v 20). God is our Saviour! This God of ours is a God who saves! His people have enough reasons now to sing (v 4, 32), to rejoice (v 3) , to lead processions with musical instruments (v 25); to “bless the LORD” (v 26); and to acknowledge the power of God (v 34).

Rejoice in Yahweh, our God, our very present Help. God hears your cry for help. He’ll come to you in all His majesty and power. He will dwell with you and in you – for you are His sanctuary. Let your cries now be turned into shouts of victory and songs of praise. Your tears of terror will turn to tears of joy. This psalm rightfully ends with this exclamation: “Awesome is God in his sanctuary.  He, the God of Israel, gives strength and power to his people.  Blessed be God.