“Go home to your people …”

Go home to your people …” Mark v:19. NAS

We always associate the words , “Come, follow Me!” with the call to Christian discipleship .” That’s how Jesus called people to become His disciples. Most of the men who received that call left everything behind and followed Jesus. However, in this rare case of the man who was delivered from a mob of evil spirits, Jesus commanded him to “Go home to your people and report to them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He had mercy on you.” And without a word of protest, the man obeyed Jesus. As a result, people living in the Ten Towns (Decapolis) region heard about Jesus and they were amazed. Regardless of the nature of the task assigned, obedience to Christ is central to Christian discipleship.

How could Jesus have sent the man as a “missionary” (a man sent on a mission) soon after his encounter with Christ? He could hardly have known Christ in the few minutes that he spent with his Savior! In modern times, we insist that a person be sent off as an evangelist after a considerable time of study and preparation. In some traditions, anyone who wishes to speak for Christ has to be scrutinized, approved and ordained. And those who are sent off on a mission need to be sponsored by a sending agency or church.

Contrary to all this ‘popular wisdom,’ Jesus sent a novice on a mission. His only ‘qualification’ for the task was an experience of deliverance from the Lord Jesus and a willingness to talk about it. Through such an obedient disciple, Jesus got his task accomplished – without a mission budge or a sponsor! We, however, with all our training and  mobilization, are not succeeding in making most of today’s  disciples open their mouths for Jesus! All we succeed in is at growing a passive, overfed, over-trained and overgrown body of ‘believers.’

Go home to your people and report to them what great things the Lord has done for you.” That’s all that is needed for people to get introduced to Jesus! When millions around us haven’t even heard the Name, this simple sharing is significant. We who claim to have known Jesus have experiences to talk about. Jesus forgave our sins; He healed our sicknesses; He filled us with His Holy Spirit. The list goes on. The Master wants us to talk about these things to people whom me meet in the marketplace, in our schools, hospitals and work shops. When people start ‘gossiping’ about what Christ has done for them, our land will know about Christ and be attracted towards Him.

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