The Lord Will Repay Each Man

The LORD will repay each man for his righteousness and his faithfulness … may He deliver me from all distress.” 1 Samuel xxvi, 23a, 24b.

“Life isn’t fair, after all.” This is a common refrain on the lips of many people who put up with injustices and disadvantages. The Bible, however, teaches us that we should look beneath the apparent unfairness we encounter daily in order to see God’s justice and righteousness. Ultimately, the LORD’s righteousness will prevail. This should lead us from despair and grumbling to praise and worship.

Before David became the most loved king of ancient Israel, he had to go through a torturous phase in his life. He was anointed the king of Israel in his early youth. Yet, Saul remained on the throne and did everything in his power to eliminate David. David and his men were hunted down by Saul’s armies. Twice, David got a chance to kill Saul. Still, out of his reverence for God, David spared Saul’s life. He did not do this to please Saul or to gain the king’s favor. King Saul had sold himself to evil; he had gone beyond the point of repentance. The little remorse that Saul felt each time David spared his life was short lived.

David did what was right in God’s eyes because he knew that only God could save his life from a wicked king. David trusted in God’s righteousness and strove to keep his life blameless. Therefore, he declared to Saul, “The LORD will repay each man for his righteousness and his faithfulness.” That was David’s consolation. It was also a warning to Saul! We know how God later intervened in the history of ancient Israel to eliminate Saul and to bless David with an everlasting dynasty.

The God of the Bible is never far away from us. He is actively involved in human affairs. He keeps a record of every man’s actions and words so that He can repay each person. Those who do evil and think that they can get away with it are grossly mistaken. They are up against a vigilant Judge who is eternal and all-powerful, visiting the iniquity of fathers upon their children’s children. No ruler is too high to escape God’s watchful eyes. No oppressor is mighty enough to resist God’s wrath.

On the other hand, those who eagerly crave for God’s justice will indeed get it.  Those who silently persist in doing good – however much obscure they might be – can be assured of God’s just reward in due season.  God is faithful to fulfill His promises to His servants and to their generations.

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