When God Honors A Man …

What is to be done for the man whom the king desires to honor?” Esther vi:6a
When God resolves to honor a person, no one can stand in His way. He might move heaven and earth to save just one of His servants. This Sovereign King of heaven and earth will amaze us with the beauty of His plans and the clinical precision of His operations in human history.

God’s poetic justice and reversal of fortunes are probably best illustrated in the way He exalted Mordecai, a God-fearing Jew who sat at the gate of the King of Persia. Mordecai would bow only before His God. This set him at odds with prime minister Haman, who chalked out an evil plan to exterminate not just Mordecai but all Jews in Persia. After erecting a gallows in his backyard to execute Mordecai, he rose early in the morning to seek the King’s approval.

Little did he realize that the God of Israel was at work that night. How could God rest when the life of his faithful servant was at risk? God caused the King of Persia to sit up through the night and have the records of his empire read to him. A little known favor that Mordecai had done to save the King’s life caught the King’s attention. He wished to reward this obscure Jew. It was dawn by then.

The King heard Haman’s footsteps in the court. “Who’s in the court?” the King asked. When he learned that it was Haman, the king must have thought, ‘None can advise me in this matter better than Haman.’ When asked, “What is to be done for the man whom the king desires to honor?” Haman thought, “Whom would the king desire to honor more than me?” God caught Haman in his own conceit. Haman prescribed for Mordecai a royal bonanza without realizing that he was suggesting a way for the elevation of his arch rival! Even the king wouldn’t have known that he was being an instrument in God’s hands for the vindication of a humble Jew. Think of it! God used the proud fancy of an enemy to honor a faithful worshiper.

It wasn’t long before the king discovered Haman’s evil plans. Haman was executed on the gallows that he erected for Mordecai. Mordecai replaced Haman as the prime minister of Persia!

What will God do to honor his faithful servants? On the canvas of human history, God’s brush strokes span several decades and generations. His watchful eyes see every person’s deeds. He is careful to reward those who are loyal to Him. In the process, whether by depriving a king of his sleep or by using an enemy’s wicked mind, He will honor all whom He wishes to honor.

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