You are precious in God’s sight

God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans v, 8.

How do you know what you are really worth? Do you often wonder why any man or woman or even God should care about you? It’s easy to fall prey to self-pity and sorrow when people look down on you just because you lack any or all of the so-called gold coins of success – wealth, beauty, education, power, influence, and an enviable lineage.

It is true that the world in general values those who are wealthy, intelligent and beautiful. Those who derive their sense of worth from other people will seek appreciation and recognition from everyone  based on these parameters. In addition, if they possess the “right” genes and are geographically privileged by being in the “right” country/city, they get a further head start in life.

Looking at these “privileged” lot, you might feel that you are not worth anything at all because you hail from a not-so-popular country. Your parents and lineage are not worth mentioning. Advertisers will never seek you out because you do not have the right figure or shade of skin color. You do not have an impressive resume and there’s no achievement that you can showcase. Your loved ones do not esteem you. Worse still, you loathe yourself and are tired of a life of pretense. Guilt and shame overpower you daily. And you find it difficult to believe that God loves you.

Pause for a moment and look at the Cross where the Son of God died to save you from everlasting destruction. Even if you were the only sinner on earth, God would still have sent His sinless Messiah to die in your place at your hands! That’s how much He values you. That’s how badly He wanted to save you and give you eternal life. God loves you just as you are. God counted you more precious than His own Son that He decided to subject the Son to such suffering and death to redeem your soul from hell. The Cross should forever settle your questions regarding your self-worth.

Do not believe the world’s lies any more. Believe God’s word. Hold your head high because you are precious in God’s sight. In the same vein, extend God’s love to those around you and help them to see how much God values and loves them.