Your heritage – Growth Unlimited

Enlarge the place of your tent; stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not …” Isaiah liv, 2.

The Church of Jesus Christ is a body destined to grow until she has her influence all over the globe. This is not the result of a carefully charted out strategy. It is the direct result of God’s active involvement in building the Church. Let His servants not think small. Let us not limit God’s purposes or cloud it with personal goals or ambitions.

The barren and desolate woman mentioned in Isaiah 54:1 represents the heavenly New Jerusalem consisting of Christian disciples of Jewish and Gentile origin (Galatians iv, 25-27). The children of this once desolate woman who was forsaken by God for a brief moment (v. 7) will be “more numerous” than the those of the “married woman” (the old Jerusalem and Judaism). Therefore, the LORD commanded this “barren woman” to shout for joy and celebrate. As the number of  “children” in this New Jerusalem increases, she will have to enlarge and extend her tent to the far corners of the earth until her descendants “possess nations” and “resettle desolate cities.” What a promise of growth! What an assurance of victory and glory! The days of old Jerusalem with limited geographical boundaries for God’s people are a thing of the past. Jesus Christ, with his death and resurrection and glorification (Isaiah 53) has ushered in the glories predicted in Isaiah 54.

If you are a member of this global church, the New Jerusalem, you ought to celebrate God’s purposes. In His mercy, he chose to include us among His chosen people. This is no time to fear defeat or disgrace (v. 4). For the LORD God of hosts, the Redeemer par excellence, is the Divine Husband of “New Jerusalem” (v. 5). Shout for joy and worship the Lord. He has accomplished great things. His victory is a reality today and not just a dream for the future.

If you are co-worker with God, let God’s purposes for the global Church be your purposes too. Your vision for the Church should not be any smaller than God’s global and heavenly vision for the Church. Do not settle for petty personal gains or pecuniary benefits. Let not your choices and priorities stand in the way of God’s grand overarching plans. After all, God hasn’t promised to build your kingdom or your organization. His promises of growth and expansion pertains to His Church. As long as you are on His side and are working towards His goals, you will be aided by the heavenly trade winds.

Enlarge the place of your tent. God wants all the nations to enter her portals. Throw open the doors of your heart and of your church. There’s no place for any restrictive and parochial mindset. Gear up for growth!