Surprise Gifts from God

O how abundant is your goodness that you have laid up for those who fear you … in the sight of everyone!” Psalm xxxi, 19.

Suppose for a moment that your bicycle was stolen. You go about your town searching for your bike. After several hours, you are ready to give up and turn back home. That’s when you see a police station. You walk in to file a complaint about your missing bike.

The officer-in-charge rises to welcome you and says, “Please come in, sir. We were expecting you.” You are taken aback. “How do you know me?” you ask. “We’ve received orders to fly you to the capital. You’ve been handpicked by Parliament to be next President of this country. There’s a chopper waiting for you. We need to hurry. The whole country is waiting to witness your inauguration. This way, your Excellency!”

How’s that for a surprise? A young Israelite named Saul came to know that he was chosen by God to be the first king of Israel when he walked into prophet Samuel’s house. Saul just wanted an oracle from the prophet about his father’s lost donkeys. He must have been surprised to see that Samuel had made elaborate arrangements to welcome him. And to think that God arranged for the loss of Saul’s donkeys to get him out of his limited turf and to bring him to Samuel’s house! Who says that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Saul was aware of his humble origin when God chose him. He belonged to the least of Israel’s tribes. He did not belong to a noble family. He had no experience whatsoever in a leadership position. The only factor in his favor was his height. He was taller than anyone in Israel. Yet, God chose him. God filled him with His Holy Spirit and equipped him from within to think and act like a king. If God chooses to exalt a man or a woman, there’s nothing that can stop Him.

Have you ever experienced any leading in your life that led you to a blessing that God had prepared for you? If not, get ready to see God’s miraculous ways. Your current occupation or level of training will not be a limiting factor that prevents you from inheriting God’s blessings. Refrain from self-abasement and self-pity. God can spring a surprise on you!