Are you following the Great Shepherd?

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” Psalm xxxii, 8.

When our paths fork and we wonder which way we should take, our Maker who knows the end from the beginning is by our side to help us. The Living God of the Bible, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, has given us this precious promise. He will instruct, teach and guide us through life’s complex maze.

Each of God’s children is entitled to divine guidance. “I will instruct you … I will guide you.” This privilege to hear God’s voice is not the sole preserve of a few. It’s a blessed promise to all “whose transgression is forgiven” (v. 1). “Then why doesn’t God speak to me?” you may ask. He has always been speaking to you. His voice was drowned in the din. Take time off your busy schedule to hear His still, small voice. God speaks to anyone who cares to wait on Him.

Life is full of surprises. There are twists and turns everywhere. God has given you the freedom to choose your own way. He never will force His ways on anyone or violate anyone’s personal freedom. When you choose your way, you might end up on the wrong path. You might inflict yourself with “many sorrows” (v. 10). All such trouble can be avoided if you consult God at the right time and avail His wisdom. He’s more than willing to take you along safer paths.

Those who never stop to listen and follow God’s instructions are compared to a mule or a horse that has to be “harnessed with bit and bridle” to keep them out of trouble. God knows that such people have to be brought to dire straits before they will even pay attention to what He has to say. He doesn’t seem to be fond of that procedure. Therefore, God commands us: “Do not be like the horse or the mule.” How long should he push and pull you before you’ll stop kicking the goads?

Calm down. Pay attention to God’s voice. If you’ve sinned, God will forgive you on account of Jesus, His Son. He’ll restore you and guide you. You’ll be His sheep and He’ll be your shepherd. He will surround you with His steadfast love (v. 10b) You’ll soon be able to rejoice in the Lord and shout for joy!

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