The Rock that is higher than you

From the end of the earth I call to you, when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I”  Psalm lxi. 2.

There are moments when even the strongest and mightiest people on earth are overcome by fear. Their knees buckle; their heads reel under pressure. An enemy who is mighty and menacing can take the wind out of our sails! In such situations, do we fight or flee? What if you get petrified and frozen?

When King David had to face an enemy who was mightier than him, he stood his ground and prayed! He confessed to God that his heart was faint. Indeed, he feared for his life. He felt that he was pushed to the “end of the earth” from where he would be pushed further out into the land of the dead. Therefore he cried out to God for help and refuge.

God was his “strong tower against the enemy” (v. 3). He wanted God to intervene and save his life. The king of Israel cried out to the King of kings: “Prolong the life of the king” (v. 6). In his distress, he even made vows before God (v. 5). David wasn’t looking for temporary shelter or protection. He wished to remain in God’s shelter forever.  “Let me abide in your tent forever” (v. 4).

What do you do when you’re faint at heart? The enemy that threatens to take your life or the life of your loved ones might be a disease or an accident. In an instant you might have reached the edge of bankruptcy or thrown into the midst of a legal wrangle. You are unable to take a step ahead. You are unable to flee. Fear prevents you from even opening your eyes.  No human can help you out. When you can’t look ahead or to the sides, there’s only one thing to do. Look up! Cry out to God.

Don’t you see the Rock that is higher than you? God will extend His hand and pluck you out of harm’s way. He will defend you from those who seek your harm. He will plant your feet on a firm rock. That Rock is none other than Jesus Christ, our Savior. His salvation is comprehensive. He saves us from our sins; he also preserves our life so that we may dwell in God’s presence forever.

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