From fear of shame to great honour

Blessed are you among women …” Luke i, 42.

God will go an extra mile for those who trust in Him. He will take care of our fears and anxieties. There are at least a few things that worry us at any time. But God sees the end from the beginning. He has a way of dealing with our problems long before we become aware of them.

Think of a thirteen-year-old unmarried girl who discovers that she’s pregnant. How will she break the news to her Mother or Aunt? Suppose she says to her Mother, “You see, more than a month ago, I had a vision of an angel who told me that God will give me a baby without the help of any man. And now I think I am pregnant.” What do you think her mother or relative will tell her? “Who do you think you’re fooling? How dare you tell me stories about angels after messing up with some guy? Tell me! Who’s this little demon who did this to you?” Is there a way out for this teenager? How can she ever convince anyone that she did not have a physical relationship with any man?

God had indeed sent his angel Gabriel to Mary to announce the arrival of the Messiah through her. When 13-year-old Mary submitted to God’s will, she said to Gabriel, “Behold, I am the Lord’s maidservant” she did not think of the social, religious, or moral quicksand she was stepping into. If word had reached the ears of Jewish rabbis and leaders, they would’ve buried her waist-deep in the ground and then stoned her to death!

God has a way of taking care of such difficult situations. Gabriel had mentioned to Mary about her relative Elizabeth who was expecting a baby in her old age. That sounded just as incredible as her story! That’s why she went to visit with Elizabeth. All along the way to Judea, Mary must have worried about the best way to break the ice about her pregnancy. When Mary reached Elizabeth’s house, she did not have to utter a word. As soon as Elizabeth saw Mary, the baby in the former’s womb leaped with joy. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and, in a supernatural way, recognized that Mary was pregnant with the Messiah! Only God can work in such marvelous ways. Mary was elated when Elizabeth exclaimed, “Blessed are you among women …” Being filled with the Holy Spirit, Mary praised God and prophesied.

Do you fear that people will misunderstand you and brand you as an agent of the devil even though you are living in the center of God’s will? Do you think that there’s not one person on earth who understands you? Do not fear. The God who called you is with you and He works round-the-clock to accomplish His purposes. He can lead you from dishonor to honor and from shame to glory in no time.

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