The God to whom I belong …

 … there stood before me angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I worship. Acts 27:23.

Is there a more blessed assurance than knowing that one belongs to God? Come what may, a man or woman who knows that he/she belongs to God can remain confident even in the midst of a storm!

The apostle Paul declared that he belonged to the God whom he served (or worshiped). Sailors and fellow prisoners on board that Italy-bound Alexandrian grain ship might have had this question in their minds. Paul, if you belong to God and if you worship Him, why are you in this mess? Why is our ship lost in a storm? And why are you a prisoner?

Indeed Paul was in a very bad situation. He had ignored the Holy Spirit’s repeated warnings about the possibility of an arrest in Jerusalem. That’s how he walked right into a trap, got arrested, and became a prisoner. He was held for two years in a jail in Caesarea on flimsy charges. And now, he was being escorted to Rome because he had appealed to Caesar to escape a Jewish plot on his life. To make matters worse, the ship that they sailed in was caught in a terrible tempest. The men on board were so troubled that they went without food for days. Paul stood up among them to cheer them up! He told them how the God to whom he belonged sent an angel to assure him that he would indeed make it to Rome to stand before Caesar. He conveyed God’s message to them that none of them would die in that storm. Paul the prisoner suddenly stood tall among them as Paul the prophet!

While conveying this message, Paul prefaced it with an accusation: “Men, you should have listened to me and not have set sail from Crete …” But when God sent an angel to Paul, he did not accuse him or even to say, “You should have listened to me and not have gone to Jerusalem.” How gracious of our God!

No matter how much we err in our judgments or choices, God will never abandon us if we truly are His. He will be with us even in the midst of the storms that we invited into our lives due to our mistaken choices. Probably you’ve spent a lot of time regretting about certain choices you made. Certain decisions or choices cannot be undone. You’ve got to live with it! God is in the midst of your storms to help you reach a safe haven. You are His own. Worship Him!

What matters is that we belong to the living God and that we worship/serve Him. He is our Master, Owner and Employer.

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