What I do have …

Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you.” Acts 3:6

Most Christians are painfully aware of all the things that they do not have. It’s easy to focus on one’s lack and to complain about it. How many of us are aware of what we already have? It takes a discerning heart to recognize gifts God has bestowed upon us. Blessed indeed is a Christian who knows what he possesses. He will not be perturbed by the knowledge of what he doesn’t have.

Lack of silver and gold bothers many disciples of Christ. Influenced by the values of the ‘enlightened’ world around us, we are tempted to consider wealth as the fuel that drives the engines of the world. Sometimes, we foolishly measure a person’s worth in terms of the wealth he or she possesses! This folly has unfortunately clouded the vision of many a Christian minister. Their confidence sags even as their earthly fortunes sink. Their ministry gets paralyzed due to lack of funds because they are convinced that “nothing can be done without money.”

Peter knew otherwise. He didn’t consider bankruptcy as a perfect excuse to hang up his boots. He didn’t wait for funds to trickle in. Neither did he appeal for funds. He knew that the kingdom of God is not driven by silver and gold. Lack of money is neither a disqualification nor a disadvantage in Christian ministry.

Peter and John knew that they were rich because of the immense Gift that God had given them. They knew that their Lord Jesus Christ was exalted far above every other name. They were commissioned as ambassadors of Jesus Christ to proclaim forgiveness of sins, to heal the sick, cast out demons, and to raise the dead. They knew the power that was available to them through the Name of Jesus Christ. They were indeed rich and privileged. What I do have I give to you. Is it any wonder that Peter was eager to give what he knew he had? He must have felt that he was a debtor to the whole world. He couldn’t afford to keep his riches to himself.

Dear Christian, are you aware of the treasure in your possession? When was the last time you offered it to someone in need?

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