He is praying!

Arise and go to … Saul of Tarsus … for behold, he is praying. Acts 9:11

Heaven’s machinery will swing into action for you when you persist in prayer. Your prayers are not in vain. A time will come when God will acknowledge you before men and order them to act for you on His behalf.

There’s a sense of urgency in the words of the Lord Jesus. He commanded his servant Ananias to arise and go to Saul who lived in the house of Judas. Why? For three days, Saul was praying for the restoration of his sight. He was praying for further instructions from the Lord. He neither ate nor drank. Although he was grateful for the glorious encounter he had with the risen Lord Jesus he had no clue as to why he was blinded. Neither did he know the full extent of God’s plans for his life.

Saul didn’t have any friends among Christians who lived in Damascus. Those Christians however knew him as a persecutor of those who followed “The Way.” Even before he arrived there to arrest them, they had got the wind of it! The one who came to arrest Christians was now in the Lord’s custody—blind, hungry and confined.

Will I be blind forever? Is this God’s punishment for me for raging against His people? Will any Christian accept me as a brother? How will they now know that I’ve had a change of heart? Who will vouch for my conversion? Saul must have felt lost and helpless. He was in a very awkward situation. But instead of sinking into despair, he prayed incessantly for healing and guidance.

Saul’s prayer moved the Lord Jesus to act on his behalf. Not only did the Lord order Ananias to go to Saul, but He also helped Ananias overcome his negative bias against Saul. The Lord spoke for a man who couldn’t speak for himself! He commended him and portrayed him as a chosen vessel. “Go … for behold, he is praying.”

You might think that your prayers are in vain.  You are unable to see the Lord’s intervention on your behalf. Even when you do not see a way out, the Lord has His men and His methods. He will deliver you from your prison. Your darkness will give way to brightness. He can alter public opinion in your favor. Besides, he will acknowledge your private moments of devotion before those who matter –  … for behold, he is praying. He will reveal His high plans about your life to others so that they will see you in a new light. Do not give up. God is at work on your behalf to accomplish His purposes.

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