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Moses and Jesus Christ

‘The law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came about through Jesus Christ.’
Why is Jesus Christ superior to Moses? Why is it better to be a follower of Jesus Christ than to be a Jew? According to John’s Gospel, the answer is simple and straightforward. The Law (or Judaism) was instituted to lead a people to Jesus Christ. The Law testified about Jesus Christ.

The Word became flesh

Jesus was flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone. He couldn’t have been more human just as He couldn’t be more divine. John had to emphasize this truth given the onslaught of Gnosticism against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Children of God

A plain reading of John 1:10-13 in context should help anyone see that Israel’s rejection of her Messiah resulted in their disqualification as God’s own people. Israel was God’s own. They were His children. Their refusal to receive Jesus resulted in the loss of their privileged position as God’s children. That privilege went to all who received Jesus.
There’s only one Gospel. That Gospel is not the gospel of genetics or heredity or of endless genealogies; it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those who disobey the gospel will perish, says the Bible.

The Word and the World

“He was in the world, and the world was made through Him …” The cosmos was made through the Logos, the Word of God. The doctrine of creation is vital to our doctrine of Christ. The story of creation is just not another story. It’s what anchors us to what the rest of the Bible tells us about God’s salvation.

The Power of Testimony

God values testimonies. The kingdom of God makes good use of faithful witnesses who boldly testify about Jesus Christ. When was the last time you bore witness of Jesus Christ? You may not know much about Jesus or about the Bible. But if you have experienced Jesus’ work in your life, you can talk about Him.

A Witness From God

John the Baptist was an integral part of God’s mission of redemption through Jesus Christ. God sent him on a mission. John the Baptist bore witness of the splendor of Yahweh that was made manifest through the Person of Jesus, the Christ. He was faithful to God and to his mandate as a witness. Attempts to portray the Baptist’s ministry as a part of the ‘Old Covenant’ are misplaced.

The Invincible Light

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness never overpowered it. “John 1:5

What is “darkness”? What does it represent in John’s Gospel? How did Jesus overcome darkness? What is the promise that it holds to us today?

The True Light

After describing Jesus as the eternal, divine, personal Logos (Word) John used a second image that was already popular among Jews. Jesus was the true Light. This is the first of a series of imagery in which John used the adjective ‘true’ or ‘good’ to emphasize the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
Like the Logos, the motif of ‘light’ too would have struck a chord with his Jewish readers. How were the Jews acquainted with the motif of ‘light’?

In the beginning …

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God. John 1:1

The Fourth Gospel opens with an astounding claim about the Logos, the Word.
The implications of this statement are significant. John wanted his Jewish readers to sit up and take notice of the man called Jesus, presented here as the Logos. What all claims did John make about this Logos?

Where was Jesus from?

Where was Jesus from? Was He a Galilean? Or, Was He a Judaea? Does it really matter where Jesus was from? Why was this such an important question for the Jews? How does the apostle John respond to their objections?

On the other hand, is there any point glorying in one’s home town, or in one’s country? What about fervent nationalism that causes us to look down on poorer countries or neighborhoods?
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